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Planning for a successful move to your new apartment involves many things, one of which is arranging for help. Most people hate moving their own belongings let alone helping other people move. However, if you've helped someone else with their move recently, they owe you. If you haven't, you'll owe them! Once you find your next Santa Barbara apartment or house for rent in on a rental site such as, you can begin to plan your move.


Don't leave asking people until the last minute. It's much easier for people to give excuses if you ask them less than one week prior to the move. Give people at least 2 -3 weeks notice so they can keep that day open for you. Call in favours! Did you help someone build a fence, finish a basement or some other major task recently? Ask these people first since they are likely expecting your call. Offer to help someone with another project in the future if they help you with your move. Try to get at least one person with a pick up truck. Even though you may have a moving truck, pick ups are great for those last few items that just won't quite fit in the moving truck, saving you an extra trip (plus gas costs and mileage).

To keep everyone happy on move day, keep the following in mind:

Have coffee and donuts ready for when everyone arrives in the morning. Be prepared to serve lunch to everyone. Pizza and wings are always a good choice. It is however, a good idea to ask people what they like if you don't mind giving people a choice. Have bottled water available at all times. Moving is hard work and people get thirsty. Have cold beer on hand for the when the job is done. It's an easy way to say, "thank you!" The biggest concern most people have on moving day is damage. Since most often its friends and family helping out, when items get damaged, the situation can be a bit awkward.


When the average person thinks about real estate, their mind immediately jumps to homes for sale. Marketing these homes is important for landlords, and considerable effort should be made. Just because a for-sale and for-rent sign look fairly similar, doesn't mean the approach here should be identical. Often, there are nuances and differences between the two.

As a landlord, your best friend should be the Internet. Never before has there been a more direct channel for landlord and tenant interaction. There are hundreds of sites dedicated to posting listings and targeting tenants. It's up to you to figure out which ones will help you find tenants for your properties.

Go viral with social media

Very few landlords have tapped into the full potential of social media in the real estate industry. However, those who are using it properly have found tremendous success. You can use Facebook to create highly targeted advertisements, or simply ask friends to share properties on their profiles. This is an easy way to get people talking about your listings. Facebook is currently the most conducive social media platform for marketing rentals, but Instagram could also be leveraged in some markets.

Invest in professional listing photos

When searching for a property online, what's one of the first things you look at? Aside from the specifics and price, photos are what make or break a listing. Instead of snapping a few images on your smartphone, invest the time and money and get high quality listing photos. Not only do they attract potential tenants, but they also weed out people who won't actually be interested. Engaging photos also make your listing more shareable on social media and other listing sites.


Over the past decade, the migration from print to online advertising of rental properties has brought about fierce competition. Online advertising has provided multiple media options that weren't previously available, such as creating picture-rich listings with multiple photos, video, and maps, along with rich detailed ad copy and social media links.

Since owners of rental properties have begun to look at their rental portfolios as real businesses, with themselves as CEO, competition can be fierce. How can you ensure that your property stands out? Strategic marketing! Businesses need marketing to retain and grow market share, so that competition from across the street with trendy name, logo, and picture-rich website won't lure tenants to where the grass appears greener.

How do we stave off this exodus and fill empty units before the competition? :

By producing descriptive, picture-rich, and eye-catching advertisements that are tailored to your target audience. Here are some suggestions:

Utilize an Optimized Website

These days it is a must to have a quality, professionally built, website that has been optimized (SEO) for search engines. Otherwise, your website may show up on page #7 of a Google search, while a competitor's site shows up on page #1.

Include High-Quality Photos

In our business as an Internet Listing Service (ILS), our staff field many calls from landlords asking for help building or re-writing their ad to make it more effective.


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